Golden Bay Visitor Centre
Golden Bay Visitor Centre

Welcome to Golden Bay - an extraordinary natural environment at the top of the South Island in New Zealand.

Golden Bay is New Zealand's most diverse and appealing holiday destination. Imagine a region with endless variety, where golden beaches, alpine valleys and tranquil fishing rivers share a close proximity with the sea.

Breathtaking scenery, arts and crafts, sporting activities. There's something for everyone.

Golden Bay is nestled into the South Island's north-west corner. A chain of steep and rugged mountains cuts its fertile river plains and valleys from the rest of the island.

Unless you're a migrating whale, you don't go past Golden Bay on your way to anywhere.

Golden Bay Visitor Centre, winter open hours:
Monday - Friday 10am-3.00pm
Saturday 10 - 1pm
Sunday - closed

We have brochures, maps and a 24/7 hotline phone to providers of accommodations, activities, food and transport outside the Visitor Centre for visitors' use.

Advertising Opportunities

Advertising Opportunities
Advertising Opportunities

The Golden Bay Visitor Centre invites you to advertise with us and help you get the customers you want.
We offer the following:
*Posters inside and outside the Visitor Centre
*DLE rack card display inside the Visitor Centre
*Advertising banner on the HOME page of this Golden Bay NZ website (top ranking when Googling 'Golden Bay')
The Touch screen inside the Centre displays this Golden Bay NZ website
*Display TV for up to 120 second ads (rolling display of video or slide show)
*Publications of the GB Promotion Association (GB Visitor Guide and the GB Map)

For more information, please contact Fiona by email manager@goldenbaynz.co.nz , or Cynthia to email cynthia@goldenbaynz.co.nz

COME STAY and PLAY in Golden Bay

Golden Bay Passport

Golden Bay Paasport
Golden Bay Paasport

Discounts and offers worth up to $200 on food, accommodation and activities

For a more rewarding experience in Golden Bay !
Use 18 out of the 20 vouchers and we will give you a FREE Golden Bay T-shirt (may be claimed from the Golden Bay Visitor Centre)

You may purchase them for $10 at the Golden Bay Visitor Centre and participating outlets.

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