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Golden Bay Promotion Association Inc

Golden Bay Promotion Association Inc

We are a non-profit organization, run by a membership committee. Our membership is made up of local businesses, private people and some life members.

Committee Members of the Association

Marg Braggins (Chairperson), Jane Dixon (Deputy Chairperson), Cheryl Elsey, Kerstin Knight (Treasurer), Devangi Farah (Secretary), Lisa Savage, Pete Hartley, Steve de Feu, Celia Butler (TDC Rep)

Benefits & Costs

Benefits of Membership

  • Listing in the directory of the website:
  • Option to advertise on the Golden Bay Map and the GB Visitor Guide
  • Opportunity to join the shows where GBPA has a display
  • Opportunity to contribute to the Product Bank which is a list of products and services of members used in promoting Golden Bay to familiarization tours/ visits of tour operators, journalists, or as prize packages in competitions organised to promote GB.


What is the Golden Bay Promotion Association?

We are a non-profit organisation run by a membership committee.
Our membership of around 130 is made up of both local businesses and private individuals around Golden Bay.
Our Vision is to get Golden Bay known nationally and internationally as a top quality, year-round visitor destination that offers a unique combination of memorable experiences.

Golden Bay Promotion Association Privacy Policy

We collect personal information from you in order to keep you informed about events and happenings in Golden Bay. Your information is held in strict confidence and not disclosed to any third party. Providing some information is optional.

GBPA Constitution

1 The name of the Association shall be "THE GOLDEN BAY PROMOTION ASSOCIATION INCORPORATED" (hereinafter called "the Association")
2 The objects of the Association shall be
a To promote Golden Bay within New Zealand and overseas, with the object of attracting visitors and business interests
b To assist, promote and encourage sustainable tourism and business development.


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