Mountain Bike Trails

Golden Bay is fast becoming a mountain bikerʼs paradise with a range of natural and purpose built tracks of all grades. There is a feast of mountain biking to be had.

The Canaan Downs Loop

Technical Difficulty: Main Loop (Grade 3) Family Loop (Grade 2-3)
Physical Difficulty: Reasonable level of fitness required for main loop. Lots of scope for family groups and less fit riders as well Times: Full Loop of 14.5km takes about 1.5 - 2 hours. The Family Loop of 5km takes about 30 mins - 1 hour for a family group.


The Heaphy Track

Between the 1st of May and September 30th, you can bike the Heaphy Track, and enjoy the amazing scenery on offer. From nikau palms to lush green forest and even the wild west coast beaches.


The Rameka Tracks

Technical Difficulty: Mostly grade 3-4 (Intermediate with Advanced "Bits")
Physical Difficulty: Reasonable level of fitness required.
Times: From the top to the bottom is about 1.5 - 2 hours of fantastic single track riding. Being a one way set of tracks of some distance, and with the Takaka Hill to ride back up to retrieve your car, doing this as a loop is really only suitable for those extremely fit riders with a huge endurance.


Killdevil Track

Technical Difficulty: Grade 4-5 steep and rocky in places, many switchbacks and some steep sections.
Physical Difficulty: Extreme level of fitness required for a one day trip, good level for a 2 day trip. Times: Full day of extreme riding to do it in one day. Two days of 4-5 hours otherwise.


The Aorere Goldfields

Technical Difficulty: Generally Grade 3-4 Mostly rideable by intermediate level riders, some sections may require walking.
Physical Difficulty: Moderate to good level of fitness required.
Times :
1) The Main 4?-4 Loop is approx. 18.5km and will take about 2 - 3 hours, longer if doing the caves and dam first.
2) The Shorter Druggan Dam Caves loop is approx. 10km and will take about 1.5 - 2 hours, longer if exploring caves.


The Gold Creek Family Loop

Starts at the Harwood Hole Carpark, Climb over the sty next to the gate at the eastern end of the carpark, and you will see two tracks. One coming down from the trees to the right and one going up around the trees to the left. Take the left hand track to do the loop clockwise (recommended). You start by climbing up around the corner, and then it's not very obvious, but you ride all the way up the grassy valley to a farm road at the top. Turn right into the farm road, and follow this along. At on


Barron Flat Track

Technical Difficulty: Flora Track (Grade 2-3) Baron Flat Track (Grade 4) 4X4 Road (Grade 2)
Physical Difficulty: Very Good level of fitness required. You must be able to carry your bike on numerous occasions.
Times: The full ride from Flora Carpark to Upper Takaka is 45.5km and will take about 4.5 - 6.5 hours, depending on fitness and track condition.



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